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The lost @SonyMusicSweden tape found and now on @Spotify! 

Dollies 2008 studio version of “Byns Enda Blondin” by Niklas Strömstedt has finally made it on to Spotify (click the image below)!

Rumours of a reunion gig in 2018 are in high bloom. Time will tell…


Top: Patrik C Österberg | Bottom: Sveriges Television

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Confessions with video proof: This happened #behindthescenes at music video shoot for “Circus Clown”

Taking all the credit from my co-writer Anthony Berlin and splendid actor Sakke Qviström saving my tail on camera….

​…… insisting on that we write a horse song instead of following hard-working director​​ Carolinne Lidén‘s instructions (“Please tell us what we’re doing here today, Alex?) ……

​…… being a bit demanding with magnificent camera man Jonathan Scherzenlehner ….

…. the boys joining in on my impromptu à cappella version of TLC’s “No Scrub” between the takes…. 

……. and finally, unable to keep a straight face as it was all fantastically fun! 

My sincerest apologies, sweet team!

Anyhow, I remain humbled, honoured and grateful. 


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#Singing #ABBA in tribute to #Sweden at @pricestudios with pianist Basil Preuveneers 

Thank you, Price Studios and Basil Preuveneers. 

Please remember, love will always win. 



Alex Hummingson with Basil Preuveneers
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Video: #DancingQueen – Alex Hummingson

What a party! Thank you for dancing and sharing the joy with me.

And I am oh so grateful to the band. Thanks gentlemen.

Until next time,



On The Road

Photos: @AlexHummingson at the #Scandinavian Day in Warsaw, Poland! 

We played everything from ABBA to Swedish House Mafia at the Scandinavian Day in Warsaw, Poland. Loved all the Dancing Queens & Kings! 

I am proud to say I was gracefully backed up by Costa (drums), Andrew Jaworski (guitar), Mickey Trybulec (bass) and Mark Lipski (keyboards). 

Thank you, guys! I had so much fun. Let’s do this again.

Dzięki! Tack!


The #Wedding of Victoria and Jacob: The Love, The Singing, The Joy, and the trip down Memory Lane… 

The Love. The Singing. The Joy. The trip down Memory Lane.

Thank you once again, wonderful Victoria & Jacob.