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Video: @AlexHummingson – #MyGrandmother during #WWII on @FaithMattersUK

Alex Hummingson thanks Faith Matters UK for their video about the involvement of Alex Hummingson’s Grandmother and hero Elżbieta Kudła a.k.a. Elisabeth Kudła in the Second World War and the Polish Resistance movement.

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Video: @AlexHummingson on #TV Łańcut 

Video: Alex Hummingson on TV Łańcut 

Piotr Dubiel, Alex Hummingson, Bernadeta Broz
Alex Hummingson holding a portrait of her great grandfather in the Ball Room at the Łańcut Castle – with TV Łańcut’s Bernadeta Broz


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TV #Łańcut interviewing @AlexHummingson on the Łańcut Castle theatre stage 

Pictured: A conversation with TV Łańcut on the palace theatre stage about my great grandfather and how Łańcut inspires me in my profession as a composer. 

The theatre at the Lancut castle is the only palace theatre in Poland preserved to this day. Designed by Józef Henny and built in 1792 for Princess Izabela Lubomirska. 

Special thanks to the Łańcut Palace staff, TV Łańcut, Miejski Dom Kultury w Łańcucie, and the Łańcut Palace director Mr. Wojtowicz.

Alex Hummingson interviewed by TV Łańcut at the Łańcut Palace, Poland
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Catch me in @magazynpodroze! Thank you, gorgeous Warsaw, for dancing with me! 

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Video: #DancingQueen – Alex Hummingson

What a party! Thank you for dancing and sharing the joy with me.

And I am oh so grateful to the band. Thanks gentlemen.

Until next time,



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Photos: @AlexHummingson at the #Scandinavian Day in Warsaw, Poland! 

We played everything from ABBA to Swedish House Mafia at the Scandinavian Day in Warsaw, Poland. Loved all the Dancing Queens & Kings! 

I am proud to say I was gracefully backed up by Costa (drums), Andrew Jaworski (guitar), Mickey Trybulec (bass) and Mark Lipski (keyboards). 

Thank you, guys! I had so much fun. Let’s do this again.

Dzięki! Tack!