Beauty Activism
Since 2005, Alex Hummingson has been actively questioning and highlighting the media’s and the fashion industry’s visual portrayal of young women in commercials and in public advertisements.
She aims to strengthen young women’s self-esteem through lectures (Life leader Academy Sweden), workshops (Popkollo Summer Camp), articles and magazines, radio (UR) and through appearances on TV and in newspaper interviews.
Alex Hummingson has had articles published in Aftonbladet, Expressen (honorable mention in 2006), VeckoRevyn, Hallandsposten, Helsingborgs Dagblad, and many more.
In 2005, Alex took part in the launch tour of Swedish writer, psychologist and behaviorist Mrs. Caroline Eriksson’s book Normal och Fin(Natur & Kultur, 2005).
In 2006, Alex received an award and a scholarship from the Dialog-89 Foundation for her “continuous commitment to society and her questioning of current ideals in her provocative performance art and her authorship”.
In 2009, Alex Hummingson received an Everyday Hero Award from the magazine Amelia (#20/2009).
In relation to her activism, Alex Hummingson has been interviewed on TV4 Sweden Uppsala (2011), in Upsala Nya Tidning (2011), on Radio Lilith Radio Sydväst 88,9 Mhz (2011), and for Channel 4 UK (to be released in 2018).
Human Rights
In 2005, Alex was a team member of the REFLEX project by The Living History Forum Sweden.
The Living History Forum is a Swedish public authority commissioned by the Swedish Parliament to work with issues related to tolerance, democracy and human rights, using the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity as its starting point.
In support of UNICEF, Alex Hummingson participated as a walk-on in one of the videos screened during the annual Swedish UNICEF TV Gala in 2008.


Alex Hummingson is a proud supporter of the American Wild Horse Campaign and United for Wildlife – The Royal Foundation.