In The Media, Picturesque

A #poetic text by @alexhummingson in @spraktidningen no. 03/2017 

Grab a copy of Swedish magazine Språktidningen (“The Language Magazine”) for some fun and educational reading! 

And my poetic text got published in issue no. 3/2017. I am honored. Thank you! 

On The Road, Picturesque

#Singing #ABBA in tribute to #Sweden at @pricestudios with pianist Basil Preuveneers 

Thank you, Price Studios and Basil Preuveneers. 

Please remember, love will always win. 



Alex Hummingson with Basil Preuveneers
On The Road, Picturesque

#Songwriter #paradise at #BMI #Music! 

Write on, my hummingbirds!

x Alex

On The Road, Picturesque

Thank You, #Nashville – @alexhummingson 

I has been my pleasure listening to Will Duvall at The Commodore Bar, eyeing those gorgeous Southern sunsets and that iconic Batman building and of course meeting with awesome Abbey at Sony/ATV Music Publishing. 

Thank you, Nashville!



Tales from the studio: Alex Hummingson  recording song by Will Duvall while attacked by cat & kiddo! 


The #Wedding of Victoria and Jacob: The Love, The Singing, The Joy, and the trip down Memory Lane… 

The Love. The Singing. The Joy. The trip down Memory Lane.

Thank you once again, wonderful Victoria & Jacob.