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Radio: @AlexHummingson on London Beat

Alex Hummingson thanks Warren Wills for inviting her to Mr. Wills’ radio and podcast show London Beat on J-AIR 87.8 FM

Alex Hummingson with Warren Wills in London, UK, 2018
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Video: @AlexHummingson – #MyGrandmother during #WWII on @FaithMattersUK

Alex Hummingson thanks Faith Matters UK for their video about the involvement of Alex Hummingson’s Grandmother and hero Elżbieta Kudła a.k.a. Elisabeth Kudła in the Second World War and the Polish Resistance movement.

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Poem by @AlexHummingson published by the Swedish Breast Cancer Association

Alex Hummingson thanks the Swedish Breast Cancer Association for publishing a segment of her poem “När videungen viskade vår” (“When The Willows Were Whispering of Spring”).

“The poem is a tribute to all cancer patients and to all of you out there who are supporting friends and family suffering from cancer. I am with you. I am one of you.”

– Alex Hummingson (2017)

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Video: @AlexHummingson on #TV Łańcut 

Video: Alex Hummingson on TV Łańcut 

Piotr Dubiel, Alex Hummingson, Bernadeta Broz
Alex Hummingson holding a portrait of her great grandfather in the Ball Room at the Łańcut Castle – with TV Łańcut’s Bernadeta Broz


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The lost @SonyMusicSweden tape found and now on @Spotify! 

Dollies 2008 studio version of “Byns Enda Blondin” by Niklas Strömstedt has finally made it on to Spotify (click the image below)!

Rumours of a reunion gig in 2018 are in high bloom. Time will tell…


Top: Patrik C Österberg | Bottom: Sveriges Television

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Confessions with video proof: This happened #behindthescenes at music video shoot for “Circus Clown”

Taking all the credit from my co-writer Anthony Berlin and splendid actor Sakke Qviström saving my tail on camera….

​…… insisting on that we write a horse song instead of following hard-working director​​ Carolinne Lidén‘s instructions (“Please tell us what we’re doing here today, Alex?) ……

​…… being a bit demanding with magnificent camera man Jonathan Scherzenlehner ….

…. the boys joining in on my impromptu à cappella version of TLC’s “No Scrub” between the takes…. 

……. and finally, unable to keep a straight face as it was all fantastically fun! 

My sincerest apologies, sweet team!

Anyhow, I remain humbled, honoured and grateful.