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Fooled by @BBCMusic Humiliated and embarrassed. Compensation: £9.60. A case for @EquityUK? Here’s my demand letter. 

Dear BBC,
As you might already be aware of, in August, I signed a contract to participate as a Summer BBC Music Focus Group participant.
However, instead, you pranked me on “BBC Music – Lift” and wrongfully portrayed me as a fan of a band I am not a fan of. I had never seen any of their music videos. I have never met them, and have never wanted to. Heck, I have never even known what the band members look like!
Nothing justifies taking advantage of people in this way. 
By not doing proper research and by not listening well enough, you risked receiving a letter like this one. It is all on you, BBC. 
Had you done your research, you most likely would have realised DNCE is not the type of act I would want to be associated with on here in TV. If you would claim you did not know I am a musician, then I feel the need to kindly remind you that I had attached this photo to my attendance confirmation email to which you yourself replied: 

If you would have listened to my brief summary of my life, previous work experiences and what I do for a living, you would have known that a lot of people in my circle watch CBBC, and you would probably not have said “…./….. thus reducing the chances of anyone you know seeing you on the screen (unless you specifically point them to it).”
Had you done your research, you would have found out I used to be a recurring music expert and music panellist on for instance TV4 Sweden. I am also a music journalist, having interviewed various bands such as e.g. Nightwish. Actually, I pointed those things out when you called me regarding my upcoming “music focus group” participation. One could say you failed. 
Most importantly, my request to be cut from the episode was received by you within 24 hours after I had signed the NDA. You then said you would not include close-ups of me, but yet I am still visible in the episode. I think it would be sound to say you should have thought of the consequences before fooling someone. 
And please, blaming me for not leaving after realising I had been fooled on camera would not be valid. 
If there is any decency left in this world, you would know that it would be bad to as a musician leave during another musician’s performance – especially when the musician or band would have seen such action clearly. I dare say that would be considered as rude. 
And actually, DNCE’s performance was good, and like I said on the phone with you, “Cake By The Ocean” is truly catchy, as is “Toothbrush”. 
Like my mother humbly remarked, it might just be so that I have a bit more class than the BBC.
My request for compensation made you paid me £9.60 for “one day zones 1-4 travel card”. Ironically, I had not travelled by public transport to get to and from Tower Bridge that day. One could say you failed there too.
Furthermore, you promised each “focus fool” a copy of the NDA. I never received a copy. How come?
To summarise, I was supposed to have been a music focus group person but was involuntarily portrayed as a DNCE fan which I am not. The experience was humiliating and embarrassing, and all I got was GBP 9.60 after asking for compensation. Perhaps this would be a case for Equity, MU or NUJ?
At least, please compensate me properly for this humiliating experience.

Yours sincerely,
Alex Hummingson

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